Why I Wanted to Do this Podcast

Working in male-dominated industries presents its challenges. I’m always up for a challenge, but when it’s the same challenge of having to prove yourself, advocate for a fair wage, advocate for a promotion (or even a yearly review for that matter) over and over again,  it gets old.  It gets old being a female and not being taken seriously, getting propositioned at work (whether it’s in an office setting or the hospitality industry.) It gets old. “Nevertheless, she persisted,” and that’s what I continue to do.

Kaati and I met a few years ago working at a tech company. She started a few months before me, but we were newbies around the same time. We watched each other grow and get promoted. We bonded over our joy for tea, being silly, and being two of the few women in a company of mostly men. Last year, we found ourselves talking a lot more about this topic and about our shared experiences. Women really do get treated differently when men have majority rule.

It was within this narrative of our frequent conversations and experiences that Kaati told me she wanted to start a podcast for women who work in male-dominated industries. I was happy to say yes.

I’ve spent years in the service industry. Many times I interacted with men who thought I was giving them an open door to say or do something that was inappropriate. And, many times,  I wanted to respond, “I’m working and just being nice to you A-Hole,” but didn’t want to lose my job. I’ve had to explain to coworkers what “no” really means.  

In the corporate world, I’ve dealt with coworkers saying or doing inappropriate things as well. One example is the time I was walking down the hall to put my dishes in the sink when a company leader walked by. He slowly looked me up and down, smiled at me, and nodded approvingly (you all know this “move”.) I felt demeaned and frustrated so I spoke up. What happened? Nothing.This response is all too common and is one reason women still fear confronting bad actors even in the #metoo era. More often than not, the woman who speaks up will have her name tarnished.

I hope that with this podcast, we can really dive into the issues we all face in the working world and create a relatable and safe environment to talk about them. Let’s bring to light stories of successful and powerful women working in the multitude of male-dominated industries and share their stories. I’m also looking forward to highlighting ally men that are behind some of these women. Let’s talk about what a healthy, supportive, relationship can look like between men and women  in the workplace.

I’m looking forward to a season of great episodes on She’s in the Room!

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