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Breaststrokes 2: Toyota, Booth Babes, & Inclusion Riders

Breaststrokes: Current Events Episode It’s literally just Kaati and Heather talkin’ about stuff. Different stuff we discuss in this episode: Clean up on aisle 1956. France says “oui!” to equal pay. Steve Lebsock is ousted from the Colorado House of Representatives. Inclusion riders are a great idea. Harvard Law Review makes history. People feel icky…

The Complimenter 1: Shirley Chisholm, Accolades, & Book Club!

Heather and Kaati give each other their monthly compliments and have a long-awaited book club discussion.

Episode 1: Faith Winter

She’s in the Room Interview with Representative Faith Winter We chat with Colorado House Representative Faith Winter about why she’s running for the Colorado Senate, the challenges of being a woman in politics, her advice to other women running for office, and more. And, Heather and Kaati share a few stats about how many women…